For inquiries, questions and anything else, you can either send me an e-mail or message me on facebook:

FACEBOOK MESSAGE: www.facebook.com/charlotteauroradesign

E-MAIL: charlotteauroradesign@gmail.com



I have a lot of different skills. Many of them overlap each other, but they can roughly be divided into these categories:

IDEA GENERATING – You set the frame and I come up with different ways to fill it. The frame can be a theme, a colour scale, a special feeling, a product or whatever you may imagine. Together we’ll find the idea you want.

CONCEPT DESIGN – We or you have an idea that you want developed into a solid concept with an overall connection and planned details. Through my training with the European Cross Media Academy, I have gained a solid knowledge of how to create a well thought storyworld

PRODUCTION DESIGN – A finished, worked through product that you can take with you or I can (help you) produce

COSTUME DESIGN – Any inquiry is welcome! I design everything from the Halloween costume for you child to the biggest robes for performances and twisted stories

COSTUME MAKING – Being educated as a pattern maker and with several years of professional sewing experience, I can sew costumes for you with professional finished details.

ACCESSORIES AND PROPS – Jewellery making and to a certain extent prop making are also some of my skills. I often find old junk and redesign it into something to fit in my shoots

ARRANGING AND COORDINATING – For any project – small or large, I can arrange your team. Making timetables, taking care of catering, meeting plans, shooting plans, keeping in touch with everyone and everything else to do with logistics

RETOUCH – I have several years of experience with Photoshop and Lightroom and occasionally do the retouch on my shoots myself.


My skills can be used in many different ways and combined to give you a unique product, especially designed for your needs and requests.

Among other things, my skills are good for:

-Photoshoots/photography, commercials, trans and cross media platforms, films, spots, music videos, events, editorials, showcasing, family portraits, etc.

I have several collaborators including models, photographers and makeup artists that I can easily add to your requests.

I’m based in Copenhagen, Denmark, but I don’t mind traveling for a project .

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