I’m Charlotte Aurora, a creative designer smurf with hundreds of ideas and an uncontrollable desire to create.

I started sewing when I was eight years old. At 11, I began making my own clothes. By the time I was 14, I made costumes for theatres - and I have just kept going ever since.

Today I have a BA in production design and several years of experience. I’m also educated as a pattern maker and I love combining the designing part with the creating part.

I bring my ideas to life to have them perpetuated in photos. After getting an idea, I create and develop the concept. I design the overall look; design the costumes and everything else. I also sew the costumes myself along with making any accessories and props that I need.

My ideas arise out of everything. It can be graffiti on a wall, the colour combination of two not-matching socks, or a quote by a five-year-old. I see my brain as a kind of washing machine, where a lot of input gets stuffed together and washes for a night, a week or maybe longer. And then suddenly it opens, and out pops a new idea. A combination of events I’ve experienced, things I’ve seen and stuff my subconsciousness has perceived. One morning when I was making my bed, I suddenly said out loud ”What if the Easter Bunny actually was Jack the Ripper?” I’m still working on that one...

Normally, besides from all the design and making parts, I also produce the shoot. I put the entire team together (models, makeup artists, photographers, assistants, etc.), decide the location and the shoot we are going to make. Then I do all the logistics: making time tables, informing people where and when to meet, making sure we have catering and everything else to do with arranging and coordinating the shoot.

I am this weird mix of a logistic control freak and a creative improviser.

When we are out shooting, I am a mix between an art director, a key stylist and a director, as the ones you know from film productions.

I love making my shoots, every step of the process. I love experimenting, taking chances and feeling like nothing is under control. It makes me feel high on life.

I especially love the feeling of creating an image in my mind, seeing it in real life and then sharing it with others. I strive to create magical pictures that make the viewer forget this world and, just for a moment, let them self engulf by the universe, I’ve created.